Social Media Integration

Sligo Web Solutions Social Media ManagementSocial Networking websites have become an extremely powerful and essential tool in promoting your business or products to your target audience. Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the free publicity and word-of-mouth that social media can offer them. One of the most logical ways for companies to capitalize on this trend is to integrate their social media campaigns with their websites. We believe that this is one of the most important components of any website.

Social Design

From the outset, we encourage our clients to incorporate their social media pages into their website. We will even go as far as setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account for our clients. As part of any web design package, we will automatically place facebook "Like" buttons on relevant pages throughout your site. This means that even clients who don't have or don't want facebook pages can still reap its benefits.

Social Interaction

Having any form of social media associated with your company means that you also have to use it to interact with your target audience. While a lot of businesses encourage staff members to take an active role in promoting their business and interacting with customers, this can lead to problems because staff can spend more time on their own pages and do next to nothing on your business page. We can take the work out of the social media side of things for you by taking over the running of it on your behalf. You tell us what you want done and we do it. We will also do any graphic design work that you require in order to run advertising campaigns.

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