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Sligo Web Solutions Website RedesignYour website is your representative or shop window on the world wide web and one of the things that draws potential customers into any shop is a well presented window or display. Two important factors for any successful website are that it looks good and it's easy to navigate through. If your site doesn't tick both of these boxes then maybe its time you looked into having it re-designed. If visitors to your site find out of date content or find it difficult to find what they are looking for, they will not hesitate in taking their business elsewhere and once you start to lose customers it can be very difficult to get them back.

Attention to Detail

We will go through your website with a fine tooth comb to identify areas where it can be improved. After analysing your site, we will then sit down with you to discuss our findings and see exactly what you would like to do. We will make recommendations for improving the sites overall efficiency while also consulting with you on things like layout, colour schemes, font styles and any other changes you would like to incorporate into the sites re-design.

Background Content and Fuctionality

Sligo Web Solutions website are designed using HTML5A website is more than just what you see when the page loads. Some of the most important design aspects are actually taking place in the background. A properly designed website should have all the correct page headings, paragraph formatting, image descriptions and keywords in place in order to make it visible to search engines like Google and Yahoo. This is one of the first things we look at when re-designing your site, regardless of whether it was desined by us or another web design company.

Unfortunately, its an all too common tale where web design companies take short cuts during the design procees and don't give enough attention to this area. When we design or re-design a website for a client, we take them through every area of the site to explain exactly what we have done, including any background functionality.


The cost of re-designing a website can vary based the volume of work involved and the size of the website, therefore would be priced on an individual case by case basis. If the site only requires minor cosmetic changes, then costs should be kept to a minimum and would not exceed the price of our annual content management service. A site that requires a complete redesign, which would mean rebuilding the site from scratch would cost the same as us building a new site for you. At Sligo Web Solutions, we will always inform our clients exactly how much it will cost to carry out any work before we start.

If you would like more information or would like a quote you can contact us directly by calling 087 7752309 or by filling in the contact form on the Contact Us page of this site.

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